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our MOO business cards arrived -such a happy day

in our natural habitat us Cats felt right at home

Cat power!

a drink after work at Canary Wharf

love at first sight -cat ear hat by Helene Berman @ Urban Outfitters

words of wisdom

indulging in a yummy cupcake at Peggy Porschen's

the cats can't live without the essentials: Lady Danger by Mac and a kitty mirror for purrfect application

Earl grey tea at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs at Chancery Lane

feeling fancy at work

enjoying a drink at Barrio Central transformed us into lady tigers..RAWR!

yummy lemon drizzle office treat by our beloved Jadey from Jade's Patesserie

we made a new friend :)

one of the cats traveled to sunny Kos

we flew up up and away in our beautiful our beautiful baloooooooon

early Sunday morning snap -flowers and a cheeky cat face ;)

how was your September cool people?

until next month

meow x

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